When the light is blinking what does that mean?
That usually means that the pen needs a charge. The pen will come partially charged (possibly fully charged if your retailer has done so) For optimal performance please charge the pen fully before use.
Is the patient able to get more than one free pen under the promotion?
The free pen promotion is limited to one pen per unique phone number. If the patient wishes to receive more than one pen they must use a different phone and go through all the MiFlyer steps to redeem.
What exactly is Polyethlyene Glycol?
It is a liquid that we use to make the oil less viscous so that the oil will vaporize more readily. It is harmless and used it many pharmaceutical applications as well as common over the counter products.
Am I able to refill the cartridges with my own oil?
The cartridges are disposable. For optimum performance use a new pre-filled O.pen cartridge purchased from an authorized retailer.
If my pen is not working correctly what can I do?
Please return the malfunctioning device to the retailer where you made your purchase. O. Pen Vape offers a no hassle return policy to make exchanging your failing device or cartridge worry free.
How do I know that my pen is fully charged?
The indicator light on the USB charger will let you know when the pen is fully charged and ready for use.
How should I store my cartridges to ensure that they remain fully functional?
Never expose your cartridges to extreme heat or cold as this could cause the oil to leak. Also, be careful at high altitudes so that your cartridge does not leak.
Where can I find the Open and cartridges?
Text VAPE to 70000 to find the nearest retailer to your location.
I broke my pen, what is your return policy?
If your pen quits working or if you break it, simply return it to a retailer for a new one with any OpenVape product purchase.
How long does the cartridge last?
-Depending on how often you use the cartridge anywhere from 100 to 200 puffs.
Which one tastes the best?
That is simply a matter of your strain preference. All of our oil is 100% CO2 extracted - so we have taken steps to ensure quality in each an every cartridge.
Is it best to exhaust the battery and then give a full re-charge or does it matter?
Just as with any battery powered device is always best to recharge the battery fully when it starts to show signs of running low.
Are you a local company?
Yes - although we have licensed distributors in California and Washington - we are based in Denver and proud to be a locally owned Colorado business.